We offer appointments during evenings and weekends across Cheshire and the Stoke-on-Trent area.


Arranging an appointment:

We offer a free initial 15 minute telephone consultation where we can talk about your difficulties, how therapy might help reduce these and if what we offer can help you.

If you feel after this discussion that you would like you arrange an appointment, then we can do this during your free initial consultation call.

We currently offer appointments during evenings and weekends from:

  • The Hope Street Centre, Sandbach

  • Tealstone Therapy Rooms, Nantwich

  • Ministry of Yoga, Crewe

Other locations around East Cheshire and Staffordshire will be considered based upon availability.

Please call us on 07378 347 467, email us on or fill out the contact form to arrange your free telephone consultation or to book an appointment.

Should you require urgent and immediate support, please contact your GP in the first instance as we do not offer emergency or urgent appointments.


Here at Brighter Paths Psychologists, we adhere to our professional code of conduct around confidentiality. This applies to all communication via telephone and email and during therapy appointments.  

We will always maintain the confidentiality of our clients and what is discussed and shared in therapy is confidential.

However, in certain circumstances where it is believed there was a significant risk (e.g. suicide, child protection, harm to others) we may have to contact other professionals (e.g. your GP/Social Services/Police). We will always inform you if we need to contact other services and we will endeavour to work with you and to gain your consent to do this. However, in certain cases, we will need to contact other professionals with or without your consent for the safety of yourself and others.


We operate a 24 hour cancellation policy so if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice of its scheduled time you will need to pay the full amount of the session.

If you cancel with over 24hours notice, there will be no charge.

Non-attendance without notice is charged at the full hourly rate.

If your therapy is funded by insurance, please ensure that your policy covers the entire cost of therapy. The ultimate cost for treatment is with the client and therefore you are liable to pay for any costs not covered by your insurance. Please note that if your insurer will not pay cancellation charges, you will need to pay these.