About me

By searching for us you have already taken the first step to overcoming your difficulties.

About me

Hello and a warm welcome to you.

My name is Dr Hannah Cowan and I am the founding Director of Brighter Paths Psychologists. Our fundamental aim is to help to reduce the emotional distress that you, your loved one or family are experiencing. This is done by using evidence based therapies that are proven to help you to live a more fulfilled and enhanced life.


Our Philosophy:

Here at Brighter Paths Psychologists we believe that as humans we all experience some level of emotional distress; whether it is anxiety about a job interview, depression after a relationship break down or stress due to the demands of life. However, for some of us, this emotional distress can seem to stay for longer than we would like, have no identifiable cause, can seem to get worse or can leave us feeling in ‘limbo’, disempowered and feeling that we can’t cope with the demands of life.

We believe that everyone has the strength and courage to overcome their difficulties, even when this seems impossible to you. Once we begin to understand our difficulties and where they have come from, we can start to work towards overcoming these and learning to manage these emotional experiences in new ways.

At least one in four of us is likely to experience a mental health difficulty at some point in our lives and at times, people can often think that feeling depressed, anxious or worried means that they have failed in life or that they are weak. This can mean that a lot of people do not talk about how they feel or seek the appropriate support to help them. Seeing a psychologist does not mean that you are weak or a failure, in fact, the courage that you have, to have searched for a psychologist, means that you have recognised that you need support and have taken the first step to overcoming your difficulties. You do not have to face these alone anymore.



I have extensive experience of working with adults, children, young people and families who are experiencing emotional distress, behavioural difficulties and children and young people with a physical health condition that is impacting upon their emotional well-being.  I currently work in the NHS as a Senior Clinical Psychologist with adults experiencing a range of mental health difficulties as well as working with adults with dementia.

Prior to qualifying as a Clinical Psychologist, I worked as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) with adults with a range of mental health difficulties.



I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with The British Psychological Society and I am registered with the Health Care Professionals Council.

I possess a Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (DClinPsy) at Staffordshire and Keele Universities, a BA (with Honours) in Psychology with Counselling Skills at The University of Liverpool/ Chester and a Postgraduate Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (PGDipCBT) at The University of Birmingham.

Thank you for taking the time to read about Brighter Paths Psychologists and we look forward to hearing from you, so that we can begin working together to help you overcome your current difficulties.

Warmest wishes,


Dr Hannah Cowan, Chartered Clinical Psychologist (BA HONS, PGDipCBT, DclinPsy)